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Our Service

Our Service

Our motto: We care for your mobility. In order to meet this promise, we offer you everything about the product tyre. Our Counteract balancing beads, Counteract Stud Brush and Logtyre, our innovative online shop for tyres, complete wheels, rims, equipment and accessories.


Your mobility is our profession

We attach great importance on service.

We live the service idea and have great pleasure in putting it into practice each day for our customers.

Good and reliable service generates trust. Our company sees itself as a reliable partner to our customers. Our customers enjoy our user-friendly and comfortable web shops with targeted filter options and selection possibilities. Our customers always have an overview of their orders as well as their purchases and costs. In particular, our customers benefit from the competence of our expert team: long-term know-how, profound automotive industry knowledge as well as insight knowledge of the tyre and parts industry. Our customers can rely on expert advice on the products, product choice and application possibilities, for example regarding questions on balancing topics or balancing diagnostics. Tailor-made product and service offers, fair prices, a wide range of payment options, fast delivery and a network of workshops for professional tyre and wheel fitting characterize the great deal of AWM service.

The Managing Director, Andreas Wilmsmeier, and his team of experts attach great importance to availability, personal contacts and advice. Contact options are available via e-mail, sales@counteract-deutschland.de and by phone +49-5725 7082661.

Quality has top priority.

Simply good: offering top-class products to provide optimal service.

We love our customers and live the service thought – every day.

Counteract balancing beads

Counteract balancing beads are silicone coated, electrostatically charged glass microbeads. They offer smart and economical solutions for the optimum balancing of trucks, light trucks, off-road/suv, passenger cars, quad / ATV and motorcycle tyres, and wheels.

Counteract balancing beads function by electrostatic adhesion, which provides a finely calibrated balance.

Counteract balancing beads achieve an efficient and economical balancing of tyres / wheels.

Counteract balancing beads is a popular, high-quality top product, which has a success record for almost 20 years in North America and is well established in the European market since 2001.

Outstanding performances of Counteract balancing beads at a glance

  • Efficient and economical balancing
  • High saving potential by extending the life of the tyre and reducing fuel costs
  • Optimized driving comfort due to less vibration and reduction of tyre tread wear
  • Protection of the wheel interior and the mechanical components of the tyre
  • Environmentally friendly as recyclable – certified
  • Simple, convenient and fair online shopping via the online shops www.counteract-shop.de (Germany), www.counteract-shop.at (Austria), www.counteract-shop.ch (Switzerland) and www.counteract-shop.ru (Russia)
Counteract balancing beads
Optimum balancing

  • Efficient and economical
  • Optimized driving comfort
  • Environmental friendly
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Tyres, complete wheels, rims, equipment and accessories

  • Extensive and large product range
  • Large choice of brands and models
  • Equipment and accessories for workshops
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Counteract Stud Brush
Top notch cleaning tool

  • Removes reliably corrosion and other debris
  • Simple handling
  • Wide range of applications
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Counteract Stud Brush:

  • Made of one piece of anodized aircraft aluminum
  • High durability and resistance
  • Wide range of applications for almost all types of bolts
  • Available as a set in 4 different brush sizes with 15 fitting brush attachments

Counteract Stud Brush in use:

  • Removes reliably corrosion and other debris from the bolt
  • In contrast to conventional methods (for example, a steel brush) to save time and thoroughly clean
  • Cleans 10 wheel bolts in less than 3 minutes
  • Simple handling for example with a pneumatic or electric screwdriver or hand drilling machine

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Cheap tyres, complete wheels (for trucks), rims, equipment and accessories for everybody:

  • Wide range of tyres of all brands and sizes for your vehicle.
  • Whether it’s a small car, SUV or limousine, van, motorbike or truck, the right tyre is waiting for you.
  • You can buy quality, brand and premium tyres, reasonably priced second and third brands of well-known tyre manufacturers as well as budget tyres and retreated tyres for almost all vehicles: passenger cars, trucks, light trucks, SUVs, off-road (4×4), motor cycle, ATV, quad.
  • Exclusive distribution for Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Pace truck tyres.


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